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Written by Angela Wither   
Friday, 29 April 2011 13:50

All eyes are on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day

Walking down the amazing red carpeted aisle to the tune of trumpets, she was dressed in an ivory silk taffeta gown, with a train that ran for what appeared to be miles. This was the ultimate princess gown.

These were the images seen and reported on by newscasts around the globe on July 29, 1981, when Diana married Prince Charles.


Now, their first born, Prince William, and his fiancée Kate Middleton, will flood headlines for their equally anticipated nuptials.

People around the globe have had heir eyes fixed on the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Angela Wither/Calgary Journal


“She’d better not disappoint,” Desiree Haight said of Middleton’s dress. “There had better be a train.”

Wearing a pearl necklace and a blue dress, synched at the waist -- a copy of the dress Middleton wore as she and Prince William announced their engagement -- Haight has been a royal enthusiast since childhood.

As a youth, she was a big fan of Diana. With books upon books on Diana and the Royal Family, the Calgarian has documentation on virtually every look Diana ever wore. “Her clothing trends were huge,” she said.

But with Middleton stepping on stage, will her style become just as documented as Diana’s?

Haight describes Middleton’s style as, “simple with clean lines,” which she said, “is like cooking; simple isn’t easy.

“One-third of the population is going to see images of the wedding,” Haight said. With that amount of attention what girl wouldn’t want to impress?

In an email, Kristiane Singh, of the Bridal Centre in Calgary, said she thinks Middleton will be “classic with a twist. They are a modern couple by way of the standards of royalty; however, at the end of the day, they are royalty, and I think they know how revered this is to so many people.

“I also think that there will be something sapphire in colour added to her dress, headpiece or shoes to compliment her beautiful ring.”

Ciara Daykin of Firefly Occasions also has thoughts on what the royal bride will be wearing.

“I definitely think we are going to see sleeves on her dress,” she said.

She also thinks gloves and hats will be making big comebacks. In terms of guests and the bridal party she says, “It’s a very English thing to wear hats to a wedding.”

The Bridal Centre in Calgary holds many of these princess style gowns for brides wanting to look like royalty.
Angela Wither/Calgary Journal


As for the groom, Daykin said, “Prince William has his own outfit done by his own tailors; it’s going to be amazing.”

The royal wedding is going to empower grooms, essentially because the groom’s family has taken over and planned this whole thing.”

While Singh said brides have yet to request the royal look, with “impeccable style in her everyday clothes,” she thinks more brides will be requesting Middleton’s style in the future.

It’s not just Middleton’s fashion choices that are affecting bridal trends, but the overall wedding itself could change trends.

“I think people are excited to celebrate big weddings again,” Daykin said. “I think what was happening with the dip in our economy was that people were feeling bad about celebrating lavishly, so we were seeing a lot of Martha Stewart high-end do-it-yourself looks, and I feel like while the do-it-yourself homemade wedding is still going to be popular, we are going to see a lot more of the lavish weddings.”